About Shaggy & Scooby

Andy and Geren are Shaggy and Scooby, but which one is which is a mystery! What’s not a mystery is that we make great music together! And this web site is the best place to find out all about our escapades.

Better known as keyboardists and backup vocalists for area bands like 7Souls, Midnite Run, and others, Andy and Geren have pooled their talent to bring you a truly unique musical experience!

Check out the music, videos, and show dates. And, get in touch to have Shaggy ‘n’ Scooby come play for you!

Andy Bruce ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Andy has been playing keyboards since he can remember. Although saddled with decades of classical training, he overcame it and now plays for actual people rather than museum statues. While you can find him hounding musical venues around the area playing jazz, R&B, and salsa his heart is in the classic rock he grew up with.

Geren Mortensen ~ Vocals

Geren’s interest in music came early, and he started to learn to play the piano and clarinet in his grade-school years. Like most students, he started learning classical music and theory, but soon moved to jazz, blues, and eventually, to rock and pop. By high school, he’d abandoned the woodwinds and concentrated specifically on keyboard instruments. As such, Geren’s influences are wide ranging, spanning genres and decades (even centuries), but truth be told, he enjoys almost anything except gangster rap and opera.